Operating System

Our five internal management operating systems are: Cost Accounting, Project Scheduling, Project Estimating, Project Management and Document Management. These technology tools along with our staff proficiency in utilization provide the client with cost control, schedule management and overall accountability of how we manage your construction dollar.

For our cost accounting operations we use Maxwell System’s Management Suite. With this accounting and project management software we can manage income statements, access scanned invoices and time cards, handle vendor obligations, create financial statements, and generate cost reports for monthly review. Maxwell System’s lets us easily track total project costs.

We use Microsoft Project 2010 for all of our scheduling needs. Microsoft Project has a simple user interface that lets us manage our time wisely and economically. With Project we can create a master schedule for the total project as well as short term schedules, which provide for a more efficient project delivery. Project also works well within Microsoft Office 2010, letting us create spreadsheets or other Office documents that work with our schedules.

ProEst is our estimating and take-off software. With ProEst we can easily upload PDF drawings and, within a short time, have a take-off completed. It has an easy to organize system that lets us keep trade contractors for specific jobs in sequence with the overall project. ProEst also lets us easily modify cost changes that occur during the estimating phases.

For our project management needs we use Prolog Software from Meridian Systems. Prolog lets our entire construction team keep informed with how a project is coming along by centralizing all of the project information in one place. It works with Microsoft Office, letting us update a submittal or RFI register with Prolog and then easily create an Excel or Word document with the information for the projects team’s review. Prolog makes handling submittals, daily reports, and RFIs simple and easy.

For project distribution and organization we use ShareFile from Citrix. ShareFile is an internet based easily organized filing system that keeps subcontractors in sync with the overall project. It allows us and all of the subcontractors to keep track of all project documents such as addendums, proposal requests, submittals, and RFI’s during pre-bid and construction. It allows us to easily distribute large amounts of information and can be utilized via almost any computer and mobile operating system available.