Project Management Approach

I. Pre-Construction Phase:

The pre-construction phase is critical to the success of any project. During this period, Alessi-Keyes works closely with the design professionals to review all of the building systems and construction materials selected. The field experience of Alessi-Keyes allows us to share our hands-on knowledge with the architects, interior designers and engineering consultants to assure the best value and system performance within the constraints of project metrics.

During the pre-construction phase, Alessi-Keyes will make several passes at preliminary system construction component budgets in order to establish the most cost effective construction methods.

Preliminary construction budgets will allow Alessi-Keyes to collaborate with the design professionals in order to update and refine construction budgets as the design and specifications are finalized and signed-off by the owners.

Alessi-Keyes will make every effort to analyze designs for the purpose of refining materials lists, improving construction schedules, and manpower allocations in order to reduce the construction budget to the lowest possible cost in the best interest of the client.

During the pre-construction phase, Alessi-Keyes will develop complete preliminary construction schedules in the critical path method and load the data into the Meridian Project Systems Prolog Manager™ data base. All long lead time items will be identified for special purchasing.

Alessi-Keyes will interview and pre-qualify subcontractors and suppliers to achieve the best possible pricing in the context of the required construction schedules. Alessi-Keyes has a national reach to be able to select the best available sources for materials and equipment that may be required for the project.

2. The Construction Phase:

During the construction phase, Alessi-Keyes will manage all aspects of the project through its “Team Member” approach to project management. Our staff is fully knowledgeable on all aspects of your project. We utilize nationally recognized construction management software Prolog by Meridian Project Systems™ that tracks every project on a “real-time basis” and further allows web-based open project collaboration between team members and clients using the Prolog® Web Site. For simplicity, Alessi-Keyes reduces its project management responsibilities into seven (7) significant areas:

  • Schedule Maintenance:

    Alessi-Keyes monitors all phases of job progress against the master construction schedule. Our on-site superintendent and project manager execute the work through “mini” schedules looking at the work in three week intervals.

    Alessi-Keyes requires weekly progress meetings with all active sub-contractors and suppliers with pending delivery schedules. All subcontractors are made aware of their required work tasks and manpower requirements.

    The master construction schedule is formally republished at the end of each month with all revisions noted. It is issued at the regularly scheduled monthly progress meetings.

  • Project Quality Control:

    On an ongoing basis, Alessi-Keyes will meet with the architects and the engineering consultants to review and inspect the work-in-progress to assure the required quality of construction and materials is meeting or exceeding the design metrics. The project superintendent inspects the work daily and reports the progress in daily logs.

  • Project Cost Management:

    Each month, Alessi-Keyes Senior Management and construction team makes a formal review of the current actual project costs as experienced against the operations budget. We make every effort to manage costs to the best advantage of the client. Throughout the entire construction phase, our responsibility is to gain economies where possible.

  • Project Change Orders:

    Alessi-Keyes recognizes that changes take place during the normal course of every construction project due to unforeseen site conditions or from changes that the client requests as the project begins to take shape. Alessi-Keyes will make recommendations for change orders if they determine that they are directly beneficial to and/or necessary for the client.

    Alessi-Keyes formally reviews all requested change orders, makes recommendations based on the impact to the proposed change to the total project, and documents all approved changes into the master construction schedule and operational budget.

  • Construction Permits:

    Alessi-Keyes will assist the owner or client to obtain all necessary building permits and arrange for building inspections on a timely basis.

  • Project Safety:

    Alessi-Keyes makes every opportunity to monitor and review the safety practices and the programs of our sub-contractors as well as our own internal labor and field managers. We require a weekly jobsite review with the safety director and the field superintendent to evaluate the site conditions in the context of safety of the workers, site visitors, and the community. We also require safe storage for all chemicals, fuels, and combustible materials used on the jobsite. Alessi-Keyes maintains safety records for every project.

  • Project Documents:

    Clear communication is vital to the completion of a successful construction project. Alessi-Keyes makes every effort to see that the communication between our client, the design professionals, and our subcontractors is maintained through a detailed review of shop drawings, submittals, and RFI’s. Alessi-Keyes maintains an updated log of all submittals and RFI’s as well as documenting all changes in order to provide our client with accurate “as built drawings” at the completion of the project.

3. The Post-Construction Close Out Phase:

The post-construction close out phase is that time in the construction process where the design professionals, the client, and Alessi-Keyes come together to transition the completed building into the client’s operation. There are two elements to this phase, Substantial Completion and Final Completion. During the Substantial Completion period, Alessi-Keyes projects the date for substantial completion of the project. Initial preparation of the punch list takes place during this time and a preliminary schedule is established for the completion of proposed punch list items.

During Final Completion, the following final steps are taken to turn the building over to the client:

  • Final review and client sign off on the punch list
  • Notification to the architect, interior designer, and engineering consultant that the project is ready for final inspection.
  • Alessi-Keyes will assist the client’s personnel with building start-up and instructions on the operation of all necessary mechanical equipment and building systems.
  • Alessi-Keyes will submit all records, documents, test reports, warrantees, and wavers or releases to the client.
  • Alessi-Keyes will turn over all building keys to the client

At that point, when all work has been successfully completed and the client is in full operation of the building, Alessi-Keyes will consider this as the starting point of a long successful relationship as a continuing client of Alessi-Keyes Construction.