Subcontractor Qualification

Alessi Keyes understands the significance that subcontractors have on all successful building projects. There is much more to selecting and contacting with a subcontractor than just price. In today’s volatile construction market, subcontractor performance/capability has tremendous impact on price, quality and schedule. Compromise any of these factors and the project stands to suffer issues that affect the integrity, successful completion and future operations of the facility.

We scrutinize our potential subcontractors using multiple measuring factors:

  • Experience- Do they have documented experience working on projects with similar characteristics?
  • Workload- What is their present and projected workload? Can they adequately staff the job when needed?
  • Financial Stability- Do they have the financial strength for this level of work? Who is the Bonding Agent? Who is their financial institution? Are they paying their vendors /suppliers?
  • Manpower- Is their labor force skilled in the disciplines required for this work? What has been their most recent turnover rate? Are they complying with all Federal and State labor laws?
  • References- Provide a list of work with other General Contractors.
  • Owner Commitment- Discussion with company executive/owner to insure expectations are understood and job requirements will be met.
  • OSHA/Safety Record- History of EMR and Recordable Incidence Rate for the past three years.

These review measures are implemented to prequalify and determine eligible subcontractors prior to invitation to bid the work. This results in having motivated and highly capable subcontractors pricing the job. In essence, after the work has bid it can shorten the duration needed to execute our contracts and get them on board.

For additional information contact: Bob Butler, Vice President 501-225-6699.